A dive into my thesis brain…

I figured since I have been slacking in the writing of my thesis, that I would share what it is all about. This might get me motivated to finish it, maybe, probably not. The inspiration comes in spurts? <-_ is that a word?

My program is for a MA in Public Policy and International Affairs at William Paterson University of New Jersey. I also did my undergrad there for Global Business with that lovely minor in accounting. I took the risk for the MA for several reasons: 1. I love to learn, I would keep going back to school if I had the means, it’s more than an education, it’s the ability to interact with so many people; 2. it was a risk, I have no problem taking risks and getting my hands dirty to get results, which I did, and my grades prove I worked hard; 3. politics and business are interwoven and it makes a great combo, if I so choose to work that angle; 4. the professors. The professors in that program are some of my favorite of all my years in school. It was their ability to really make you think, yes, I know professors are supposed to make you think, but there are very few that really push that mode of teaching, but the ones in my program did. I went into that program with nothing but a few references, a good MAT score, not one class taken, ever in politics, and the willingness to work hard. It was amazing, I met some great people along the way, learned more than what I ever thought I would, and feel very sorry about how much paper I wasted when doing weekly assignments, papers, final papers, and the endless research for those papers, so sorry trees.

Anyway, most in the program had some idea of what they were  going to write about, me, not a clue. Until one day while reading the New York Times, I came across an article on Aung San Suu Kyi. Had no idea who she was before that. That led to endless amounts of time looking into Myanmar or Burma, I tend to switch between the two names often. One semester I did my final paper on how the multiple ethnic groups pose a roadblock to democracy, even though they just held their election and Suu Kyi won. This led to even more research and investigation, which led to my thesis topic on Myanmar’s transition to democracy in a comparative manner, so to speak. And, of course, this led to the rabbit hole of research on the country. In my defense, the research about Myanmar is very limited. There is not much journalism, news, papers, articles published about what’s going on within. I make do with what I come across, which to my surprise has been plenty. So, as time goes on, I narrow down what my chapters will be about, 1. introduction – exciting I know-, 2. an analysis of past research done on transitions to democracy, mainly drawing from Latin America, 3. a brief history of Myanmar, focusing on its political power changes, 4. an overview of issues that led to the elections, (constitutional changes, this is by far my favorite, reading that constitution was so interesting, failed economic policies, ethnic peace agreements) and finally 5. an analysis of if any of the past research can tie into what is going on and what may happen. It seems so effortless when written out like this, but when it’s time to type, I spend countless hours deleting and retyping things, that I think may sound horrible. This is a very bad habit. I’m getting tired writing this, so I will keep it short, but if you want to know anything, let me know.

There is loads more about what can be said about it, but I will use this as a motivator that I am doing something worthwhile and it will be good. And also to get me back into writing and finishing it up. It’s a topic I thoroughly enjoy, so I want to make it good.

That is all for now.




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