Who Am I? Someone.

Allow me to introduce myself, sort of. My name is Victoria. I reside in New Jersey, you know the tomato state. That's really not the point. To be quite frank, I only started this blog for the sole purpose of it being easier to write consistently on a computer than writing in my journals. Don't... Continue Reading →

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A dive into my thesis brain…

I figured since I have been slacking in the writing of my thesis, that I would share what it is all about. This might get me motivated to finish it, maybe, probably not. The inspiration comes in spurts? <-_ is that a word? My program is for a MA in Public Policy and International Affairs... Continue Reading →

It was a ducking surprise.

I live in a small town in New Jersey, think 500 kids in the entire high school small. So I was outside playing with my dogs and my neighbor pops his head over the fence to let me know a duck flew into his backyard and has laid or is it layed 11 eggs. Over... Continue Reading →


And I'm back. It has been a busy week. Job interviews, that went nowhere, another "sorry, you're not the right fit". Ok, awesome, can I have some feedback, "sorry you're not the right fit". Well that went nowhere. So, I have been busy with that, wedding stuff, which is a lot of work. But the... Continue Reading →

Being engaged is a process.

Seriously, it has been all of 3 weeks since I got engaged and I'm over it. Not the being engaged part, but the endless questions and decisions that come with it. No, I don't want an engagement party - don't get me wrong I love a good party, but he has a big family, I... Continue Reading →

Wine thoughts

Today is a day of sorrow and joy. It is the 2 year anniversary of my father's death, seriously I wish there was a less morbid way of putting that. I don't think I've come to terms just yet with it. I'm sure I will get there one day. But today was also a good... Continue Reading →

A whole lot of nonsense.

I'm recently engaged, about 2 weeks maybe 3, not sure, I'm also not counting, we've been together for almost 7 years we are practically married at this point. As my fiancee so candidly pointed out the other day, if we don't know something about each other then we have been doing something wrong. Like if... Continue Reading →

Sauce or Gravy?

Ah, the annoying debate of whether its sauce or gravy. My fiancee, who comes from an Italian family calls it gravy, I on the other hand say sauce. This debate is never ending between two households, but for this post we shall call it sauce. My apologies, I like to ramble when I write. But... Continue Reading →

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